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Who we are

We are a Mexican company focused on pharmaceutical innovations by investing in the development of new medicines, innovative pharmaceutical forms and therapeutic indications, achieving commercial alliances with national and international pharmaceutical manufacturers.

We are equipped to provide high quality international business development, import and export of drugs and search for inputs and raw materials for regulated markets.

Our team is always in search of new products and supplies, exploring new territories with the intention of supplying the Mexican market with highly specialized pharmaceutical products.


Provide pharmaceutical products of excellent quality to the Mexican and international markets, public and private.

Establish a unique and lasting relationship with our domestic and foreign business partners that allows us to successfully complete all our projects.


To be the leading company in Mexico by importing technology from industrialized countries, which allows us to make avant-garde and high-quality products, accessible to patients, institutions and health centers.



Our main objective is the health and well-being of every patient.


We continuously look for ways to improve our actions, projects, products and our day to day activities.


Passion to constantly search for new business opportunities.


We have the demanding spirit that seeks to break paradigms and challenges us every day to accomplish our objectives.

Pharmaceutical Market in Mexico

The mexican pharmaceutical market is currently in a period of rapid evolution due to modifications in legal framework and operational policies. It consists mainly of two distinct segments, which operate independently.

The public institutions, whose demand mainly comprises of generic and mature technology and private institutions who are characterized by their use of commercial and innovative brands.

From 2011 to 2016, the market for generic drugs in Mexico had an annual growth of 2 digits.

We Currently have the 059 NOM, Cofepris in Mexico is the authority approved by OMS through OPS which allows other countries to have acceptance of Mexican registrations.

The annual consumption made by the mexican government in public health is $ 2.5 billion dollars.

Our achievements, until now...

  • Importation and registration of foreign products.
  • Development and manufacture of lyophilized pharmaceutical products.
  • Design, equipment and the regulation of a new area in pharmaceutical laboratory for the domestic manufacture of oncological developments.
  • Search for suppliers and pharmaceutical developments for oncological generic drugs for the treatment of metastatic pancreatic cancer, non-small cells lung cancer and breast cancer.
  • Pharmaceutical development of a new generic drug for the treatment of recurrent or progressive glioblastoma multiforme.

Quality politics

The Management and all the collaborators of Factoría Bogar are committed to the constant innovation of our systems, to develop and commercialize pharmaceutical products and medical devices of high quality that exceed the expectations of customers, to achieve this we have qualified human talent and the infrastructure necessary that allows us to meet the company's objectives, regulations and applicable requirements.

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